Mathew Mohan released from jail

Mathew Mohan released from jail

FORMER Inktech managing director Mathews Mohan is among the people that have been released by President Edgar Lungu through the Presidential pardon which was announced yesterday.

He was sentenced to death by hanging for the gruesome murder of Cyclone Hardware director Sajid Itowala in 2009. The sentence was later changed to life in imprisonment.

Mr. Sajid Itowala was a prominent businessman in the construction industry in Zambia. He owned Cyclone Hardware & Construction Ltd. He was brutally murdered by Mathew Mohan in a mafia style.

Mr. Itowala was killed in his car during the day in Lusaka west. His legs and arms were broken indicating that he was tortured before being shot three times. His body was found in his Benz Car about 100 meters from a police post in Lusaka west.

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