Matibini declares Kambwili’ seat vacant

Matibini declares Kambwili’ seat vacant

👉🏿 This is the same Matibini who for five years refused to declare seats for UPND MPs who joined PF regime vacant

As already known, Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matabini has declared Roan constituency parliamentary seat held by Chishimba Kambwili vacant.

Matibini was once a respected person until he discovered the power of money.

Matibini said he has declared Roan constituency vacant because Kambwili has his own party and is a member of the opposition alliance.

Now this is the same speaker who refused to declare the seats of UPND MPs like Siamune, Greyford Monde who joined the PF government vacant.

Now that he has received money from PF, Matibini finds its persuasive that MPs who start working with different parties have joined those other parties. It’s really a shame that even educated people can reduce themselves to such levels of idiocy.

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