Matibini overrules Supreme Court

Matibini overrules Supreme Court

Partisan Speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini has again come to the aid of the PF government when he ruled that Itezhi Tezhi MP Greyford Monde was still a UPND MP and Cabinet minister for Livestock.

The Supreme Court has ruled that Monde had lost his expulsion case against the UPND with costs.

But in his ruling on the point of order raised by Choma MP Cornelius Mweetwa on why Monde was still in the house, Matibini misled himself by saying what Monde lost was just an injunction against his expulsion from the party as the main case was still active in the High Court.

Clearly Matibini does not read at all because the case was disposed of but the High Court that ruled that the UPND was correct to have expelled Monde from the party.

Monde then rushed to the Supreme Court where he put an injunction against the High Court decisions so that it could not be effected.

Now that the Supreme Court has thrown away that injunction it means the decision of the High Court to expel Monde is upheld unless he now appeals to the Supreme Court against his expulsion something he has not yet done.

Anyway, it is now a worthless exercise as Matibini has once again demonstrated why the current Parliament presided by him is the worst in the history of Zambia.

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