Matibini says it’s him not courts to interpret constitution

Speaker Patrick Matibini has defied the Constitutional Court and says he has power to interpret the law and specifically the constitution.
In complete disregard of the doctrine of Seperation of powers, Matibini says he has power to interpret the law.
In a functional government, Parliament makes laws while the Court interpreted the law.
In the new Matibini Jurisprudence, Parliament will now make the laws and interpreters them.

Details coming….

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    Opinion 2 weeks ago

    The point here is that the courts should not interfere in the operation of parliament just like parliament should not interfere in the operation of the courts. For example, parliament must be free to declare any seat vacant just as courts can bar any practicing lawyer from appearing in courts,as recent events will show. The only exception would be an election petition because the process is clearly defined in the Constitution. The doctrine of the separation of Powders as enshrined in the Constitution should be adhered to. The executive, legislature and judiciary. The concourt should have dismissed kambwili’s case because the speaker had already made his ruling on the matter.

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    Pure incompetence at all levels of government or is it by design to please the ruling party??

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    Free Advice 2 weeks ago

    Mmmmm…then what’s the role of the constitution court in Zambia

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      Free Advice: The Constitutional Court made a mess of Chishimba Kambwili’s case. The judges told Kambwili that the Speaker had no power to declare the Roan parliamentary seat vacant but were too timid to declare the ensuing by-election result a nullity. Such judicial decision-making makes John Sangwa’s warning so prescient he issued it. Sangwa has been vindicated again and again. The Speaker is on firm ground whn he argues that the courts hv no business interfering with how Parliament conducts its business.

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    Alfred Lupinda 2 weeks ago

    When things would go wrong in South Africa Madiba would intercept…. But hear in Zambia our kk is quiet…. Where are you shikulu

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    Eagle 2 weeks ago

    Well he must make sure that he maintains consistency in his rulings otherwise there will be chaos.

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    I was listening as he was explaining this. He said he has power to interpret the constitution in as far conducting business of parliament is concerned. He’s frequently called upon to make rulings in parliament and this inevitably means interpreting the constitution if the matter at issue borders on the constitution. Otherwise, the courts would uv to rule points of order raised in parliament. That would be an absurdity. It’s interesting that in the impeachment motion, he decided to pend it upon being informed of a legal challenge without bothering to lay ground why he was doing so. He hasn’t delivered his ruling yet but I think it’s quite clear he intends to desregard his own recent precedent. It’s his own reputation on the line.

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    Musumali Liyunga 2 weeks ago

    A crises in the country is looming. If this country degenerate into anarchy and lawlessness we will point our fingers at those that have decided to accumulate wealth at the expense of lifting average Zambians out of poverty.