Matrix of incompetence, corruption, plunder and alcoholism at new Zamtel

Matrix of incompetence, corruption,  plunder and alcoholism at new Zamtel

Mupanga Mwanakatwe

Dear Zambian Watchdog.

I would like to bring to the attention of the many Zambians the Matrix of plunder going on at Zamtel since the PF Government took over and appointed one Dr. Mupanga Mwanakatwa as Chief executive and a board filled by PF cadres namely Willie Nsanda, Charity Mwansa, Larry Mwiinga, The PF secretory general Winter Kabimba as chairman, Major Francis Kamanga and Dr Mwenda, the PS from Finance.

When the PF government took over and appointed a new Board, the first order of Business by the new board was to increase their sitting allowances by more than 100% and resolved to be meeting every month. Since when have you ever seen a board, which meets every month and draws sitting allowances?

The second order of business was to dismiss professionals with the aim of replacing them with PF cadres and the meeting was closed without discussing company performance and strategy.

The board has been meeting every month and sometimes twice a month and they draw allowances. They formed committees, which sit every week, and they draw sitting allowances from the Company.

The Company has been in negative growth and dawning in debt and performance is negative. We have stopped growing and are in negative growth now. No more subscriber growth but instead the subscriber numbers are reducing everyday while Mupanga Mwanakatwe has no idea of what to do. This man is not MD material. He has to clue of what to do. He is not giving us any direction. He always has a hangover every morning and he just locks himself in the office. He is a confirmed alcoholic.

Mupanga Mwanakatwe is a failure through and through. He fist went to UNZA but he failed in the first year.

The father John Mwanakatwe, who was Education Minister, organized a scholarship for him to study in Europe. He graduated in Aviation radio communication and yet he masquerades to be a telecoms engineer.

He worked at Celtel and he was dismissed for poor performance and corruption among other things. He failed to get a job both in Zambia and abroad for the past 10 years and yet he claims to have more than 10 years’ experience. Where did he get the experience? From baby-sitting at home?

After being appointed, Mupanga Mwanakatwe out sourced the network implementation and lying of fiber and gave the contract to Rhida Mungomba who happens to be his nephew. The two come from together from Mbala. Remember Rhida Mungomba was given the contract without following tender procedure. It was actually single sourcing. Remember also that Rhida is the Husband to Mable Mungomba, who is the sister to Nkandu Lou who is a Minister in the PF government.

Zamtel owes a lot of people money and they are not being paid.

Some have even stopped giving services to Zamtel.  However, Rhida’s invoices are paid promptly without any delay. Mupanga himself gets personally involved in pushing the invoices and ensuring the money is paid promptly. The finance staffs are usually put under pressure to ensure they pay Rhida quickly.

After dismissing the LAP Green appointed Directors, Mupanga decided to give Pro Soft a contract to do Executive recruitment for new Directors. The contract again was given without advertising and it was single sourcing without following procurement procedure.  Pro Soft has never done Executive recruitment.

All they do are Junior and low-level managers’ recruitment. Miyanda Maimbo, the proprietor of Pro Soft has no experience to handle Executive recruitments. She has never worked as an Executive in her life.

The next Matrix in this recruitment was the Appointment of Mable Mungomba as a lead recruitment consultant and chairperson of the Interview panel. She was paid handsomely. Remember she is Rhida Mungomba’s wife and Rhida is Mupanga’s Nephew and she is Nkandu Luo’s young sister.

Remember also that she had worked at Celtel with Mupanga and she was also fired for failure to perform and corrupt activities.

Celtel only grew when these two incompetent relatives were fired.

She is also Felix Mutati’s friend hence she was appointed to be DG of CEEC. She was dismissed for poor performance and the corrupt way she gave out the loans mostly to her relatives. Mupanga was a beneficially of those loans.

Information we have is that she made a deal with Lho zindaba Sakala to ensure that she recruits Lho Zindaba Sakala as Commercial director for Zamtel and in turn Lho zindaba Sakala was going to give Mable Mungomba, who runs a marketing company called BELCOM, all the Marketing and advertising contractors. They had a meeting at her residence in New Kasama and Mupanga was in attendance.

Lho Zindaba was bragging about it to everybody who cared go here. She told the whole Lusaka that she already got the job even before the interview was conducted. Infact even before applications were closed. She bragged about how she was connected and how she had closed the deal with Mable Mungomba and Mupanga.

The strange thing is that Lhozinda before Zamtel, she worked for Telecel as Marketing Manager and MTN dismissed her when they realized she had no substance. She was unemployed for more than six year until she was recruited by Lap green as a manager. However, she did not last long because she was very incompetent.

She knew nothing but politicking in the company. Moreover, she is a mentally unstable person and she is practically blind hence she could not do the job. She could not read Emails or drive. She used to come for work with her brother to help her read emails and reports and also help her respond to mails because she can’t see and today Mupanga and Mable have appointed her.

Do they have Zamtel interest at heart?

Remember this is the same Lhozindaba who was dismissed at Telecel for giving Kulusha a questionable deal and was paying him $10,000 every month for doing nothing. At that time she was Kālu’s girlfriend and was living with him.

Mupanga has also given his friend a Mr. Mbewe a consultancy contract for E-Government project. This Mbewe was with Mupanga on the Zamtel COI.

Mupanga has also recruited Evans Muhanga as Marketing Director. Zain dismissed Evans Muhanga for poor performance and for being involved in corrupt activities. He was giving his company all the marketing contracts.

This is the New Management we now have at Zamtel. Compare this to what we had before and this is the Corruption we now have. If Mr. President is truly allergic to corruption, let him investigate these allegations.

If Mupanga dares us, we shall provide all the vultures on this forum.

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