Maureen defends late hubby

MAUREEN Mwanawasa has said there are organs in the country that can investigate if there was any corruption that was committed during late president Levy Mwanawasa’s rule.
In an interview with THE POST last Friday, Maureen said her late husband did not take over the country on a clean plate because there was a lot of cancer.

“What I hate is to portray that Levy was the one responsible for stealing… Levy is one president who took the bull by its horn and if anyone says he stole then prove it,” she said.

Maureen asked people that were making innuendos about late president Mwanawasa to let him rest in peace because he would not wake up to come and answer back.

“Levy must be given credit because he did his best, Zambians across can testify,” she said

Maureen called on the police to strengthen their role and ensure that every citizen in the country was protected.

On the continued harassment of journalist by the ruling MMD cadres, Maureen said violence should not be condoned.
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