Maureen describes Justice system under PF as mockery

Maureen describes Justice system under PF as mockery

maureenFormer first lady Maureen Mwanawasa has described the justice system under the PF regime as a “mockery” and total “nonsense”.

Maureen, a lawyer whose late husband – Levy – is credited for revamping the Zambian economy between 2001 and 2008 as the third Republican president, is said to be particularly incencesed with the treatment of persons accused of corruption in the country.

Apparently, the PF government has introduced unwritten rules that those accused of corruption will only get a police bond if one of their two sureties is a civil servant.

Maureen’s comments come in the wake of the arrest of Chisamba MMD member of parliament Moses Muteteka who is a close relation of the Mwanawasa family.

“Getting a police bond has now become mandatory that one surety should be a public worker, what nonsense and mockery of justice!” she lamented.

Maureen question the PF rule saying; “What if you have no friend or relative a civil servant to sign your police bond?”

She reminded the PF government that the Zambian law presumes any suspect include those accused of corruption were not guilt until proven so by the established law.

Maureen’s fear on the PF’s unwritten police bond rule; “I hope the civil servants assisting relatives to sign police bonds will not be victimised by powers that be.”

President Michael Sata this week ordered his police office to arrest opposition figures for alleged corruption charges to divert attention from the mealie meal crisis that has rocked the country.

MMD president Nevers Mumba, former information minister Ronnie Shikapwasha, Muteteka, journalists Davies Mataka, Chanda Chimba III and media consultant Ngande Mwananjiti have all been arrested.


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