Max Chongo and gang fail to kill Banda, arrested

Max Chongo and gang fail to kill Banda, arrested

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Max Chongo and other thugs that were sent by Dora Siliya to kill her parliamentary rival JJ Banda have been arrested after their mission failed.

There was a shoot out in the night around 24:00hours between Max Chongo’s group sent by Dora Siliya that went in the night to Petauke Independent candidate J.J. Banda’s home so as to burn his house and kill him.

But JJ Banda and team was alert, prepared and waited for the assailants.

In the ensuing fight, Max’s team was defeated and scampered in all directions abandoning their car.

Petauke residents who were woken up by gun shots joined in the fight and burned to ashes Max’s vehicle right at the entrance of Olga lodge.

The police arrived much later and managed to apprehend about 15 members of Max’s gang. It is obviously expected that Jk’ dancing queen Edgar Lungu who is also current president will order for their release, given his close relationship with Siliya.

A resident told the Watchdog that ‘Now the entire Petauke community is so annoyed with PF thuggery and are wishing Max and this group can be sorted out’.

Below is one of the vehicles that was being driven by Max Chongo and other assassins sent by Dora Siliya to kill J.J. Banda

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