Max Chongu, Frank Bwalya in deep wrangles

Max Chongu, Frank Bwalya in deep wrangles


max-chongofrankFormer Big Brother reality TV loser and renowned PF thug Max Chongu has told off PF deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya, after the later opposed Max’s careless comment aimed at attacking radio Christian voice simply for hosting opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema on a radio show.

Hichilema was the guest on the radio’s back chat program and after raising valid points and highlighting the failures of PF, Chongu who has postulated himself as Political advisor to Lungu attacked the radio station accusing them of being pro UPND. He also attacked Bwalya for not being able to defend the party, as he has apparently been shunning some programmes where the Pf is invited to articulate governance issues.

But in an act of disparaging Max, Bwalya dissociated the PF from the sentiments and charged that Chongu had a personal agenda against him but Chongu reiterated his comments of accusing Bwalya of being a poor spin doctor for the party compared to civil servants Anthony Mukwita and Emmanuel Mwamba.

And a State house  insider has said that Chongu has full backing of State house Press aide Amos Chanda who has used every opportunity available to distance Bwalya and indeed any trained journalist from State house as he fears for his job.

“Most of the comments that Max makes on behalf of the party has full blessings of Amos and if you notice Amos has always tried to distance people like Frank Bwalya and indeed any other trained journalist  because he fears that those may be spotted by Lungu and that could put his job on the chop,” said the source.

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