Max Nkole and the dismisal of Mutemba, Mutentwa

To start with, we wish to state that Maxwell Nkole is a sick person. If his appointing authority was not a corrupt thug, Nkole would have been retired on health grounds a long time ago. In fact he would not have been apointed in the first place but for the bayama government.

Nkole is not able to function properly because he is sick. Nkole’ sickness is the type that the Post newspaper attributes to ‘what he ate and touched with his hands.

Our advice to Nkole is that when his swollen legs start itching, he must take medication and not start a fight with us.

We all know that the PF regime came into office sailing on the boat of deceit on almost everything. But what is annoying is that these people, who spent 10 years fighting in the opposition to get into power, can now come and only realize that they have nothing to offer the nation. It is also sad that there deceitful ways have become viral and infecting even senior civil servants who are being forced to append some unsellable damage control on many issues.

There is a song that goes “now that we’ve got love what are we gonna do with it?” Replace the word “love” with“power” and you have PF leadership which, unfortunately despite their patience, Zambians are now too smart to see through their dangerous incompetency.

Regarding the dismissal of Police Commissioners Brenda Muntemba and Antonneil Mutentwa our response is simple and straight-forward.

In case Maxwell Nkole doesn’t know, the Watchdog is in possession of more serious information and reason as to why these gallant officers were fired or re-aligned as they want to claim.

For example, can Nkole tell Zambians what is currently brewing in some security wings because of the undemocratic tendencies of his reckless, headless and directionless regime?

Let him also tell us what abruptly made the Police change their mind and rush to the UPND rally when they had earlier said they would not police the event.

What bigger things were they afraid would happen other than mere violence by hooligans sent by PF criminal Geoffrey Chumbwe who should be in jail for aggravated robbery at Meridian Bank that saw him free to South Africa, theft of an air-craft belonging to ZAWA, and recently endangering the security of the nation by sponsoring violence in Kabwata?

Does Nkole want us to release a whole dossier of some instability in this administration in our possession and endanger the security of our beloved country?

Nkole can’t claim that he loves Zambia more than we.

Surely who can believe the crap by Max Nkole that Commissioner Muntentwa was dismissed in order to concentrate on his personal security company.

If indeed all the people currently running private companies that are in government must be dismissed, then Nkole should lead by example by tendering his resignation because he  also runs a private security firm Universal Private Investigations Services (UPIS). This firm had more contracts and businesses when this imbecile Nkole was executive chairman of the Task Force on Corruption.

Nkole is PS for Home Affairs meaning that he is in charge of the police i.e. regular police, the intelligence, ACC, DEC and private security firm fall under his regulation. Mutentwa is or was only connected to the regular police. So if we are talking about ethics and conflict of interest here, who should step down and concentrate on his private business.

Nkole also runs Platinum Memorial Golf Club, which is a private company registered under PACRA and actually gets government businesses.

We have evidence that this company and others for Nkole are actually among those syphoning lots of government revenue for Muchinga Development Foundation yet he has remained in government employment.

In life they say sometimes it is better to keep quiet than trying to sugar-coat statements as you may end up opening a Pandora’s box or indeed can of worms you may not be able to deal with.

And Nkole is not the only PF cadre in government who currently owns companies that are conduits for PF corruption by syphoning lots of public money by giving themselves undue advantages in government contracts.

We know a of the PF cadres that own companies such as lodges etc. registered either directly in their names or through their proxies whose list we have and wish to publish soon yet they are still serving in government and diverting government contracts to their tuntembas.

For example, crooks such as Mutembo Nchito is still a partner in the law firm with his brother Nchima, yet Mutembo is the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) occupying a position which is in direct conflict with his job.

Musa Mwenya our Solicitor General still owns a law firm called Musa Mwenya and Associates along Alick Nkhata road, at Base Park, Mumba Malila our government chief legal advisor (Attorney General) who is an ex-official in Cabinet still runs his law firm Mumba Malila at Premium House yet they still maintain their positions in government.

Stephen Mwansa, PS for Commerce and Industry runs several businesses that directly fall under his ministry, and is even a member of institute of Directors which promotes good corporate governance.

At junior level even within police ranks there are so many police officers running security firms but we won’t disclose their names for now.

Nkole knows a number of civil servants that are running companies dealing with government contracts
Even PF cadre Henry Kapoko himself was running a corrupt company called Kahekam that was supplying materials including diapers to the Ministry of Healthy, where he was a Human Resource Officer and yet the PF regime has corruptly acquitted him of the cases.

We know Mr. Nkole and many others in PF regime may be suffering from some ailments that makes them easily forget facts on the ground but our advice is please don’t forget to take your daily medication as you may endanger the security of the nation especially that you may not be on the same level as those that can import doctors from India at tax-payers’ expense.

And we also plead with civil servants like our young man Moses Siwali to seriously reflect before being used like door-mats or condoms by these unprincipled cadres

You mean you have only just realized that Mutentwa has a security firm now? And why is Mutemba moving to cabinet office now? Why the hurry when her duties there have not yet been defined?

Why didn’t you announce this to the nation in the first place? Why are you explaining these things now?

For Mutemba, we are aware that former director of Criminal Investigations Department (CID), a Musole, is already at Cabinet Office so what job are you giving her there? Of course we know the PF regime creates so many irrelevant positions that do not exist and don’t even make sense in the government structure such as that of Inutu Suba, Permanent Secretary Special duties (whatever those duties are) when there is already a PS administration and also director state functions. Corrupt Simon Miti and Velepi Mtonga are also PSs at Cabinet Office sweeping corridors.

Brenda Mutemba like Max Nkole is a presidential appointee. So why is Nkole commenting on presidential appointees, is he the Sata’s mouth-piece now?

And why surrender Mutemba to cabinet? What happened to the Police service Commission?

Nkole with all due respect to you Sir just shut up. Not all Zambians are as stupid as the thugs and hooligans you sent to disrupt democracy at play in Kabwata.

Even assuming we are to believe your lies, the fact as confirmed by yourself still remains that both Mutemba and Mutentwa are no longer serving police officers. So what are you telling us? That we are stupid and will accept your failed excuse? Come off it. Leave it to the shameless characters like Kennedy ‘Saliva Seka Seka’ Sakeni who have no iota of integrity and rely on deceitful PF damage control system that is so defective that even a five year old can easily punch holes through it.

Don’t use your sick legs to think. Use your head.

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