Maybe itezhyi Tezyhi dam has been sold

Maybe itezhyi Tezyhi dam has been sold


Please inform that despite the lifting of the fish ban on 26th March 2018, Itezhi tezhi Dam in Central Province i still closed for fishing.Most of the people that come and earn a living through fishing in this Dam come from Northern,Luapula,Eastern and Lusaka as the local people (Ila) are so much into cattle rearing and selling.We dont know exactly why the Dam is still on fish ban upto now when most people have moved from far places to come and make a living for their families.Furthermore, there is a white man who has been reportedly chasing people to come near a certain part of the Dam as he claims its his and according to the rumours, it is reported that the man bought that part of the Dam from Goverment and hence the restrictions to fish.I just hope the Dam was not sold to foreigners as this will further affect the people who have been feeding their families from the fish (Kapenta) from the Dam.

Can the Government please help us with serious answers to many questions that we are having as we cannot bear this anymore.We are tired of all these prolonged fish bans without concrete answers and reasons!

Please hide my ID.

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