Maybe pain is good for Zambians

Pain is very important because without pain there can never be change. The pain that most Zambians are feeling today as they struggle with the rising cost of living is a necessary ingredient for change to occur.
Am not talking about change of political parties but change of our attitudes and mindsets towards politics and the governance of our country.
For far too long we as a people have never taken issues of politics and the governance of the country with the seriousness it deserves. We have cheapened politics to a game of numbers where any Dick and Mary can become an MP, a Minister or even a President. We have not set any minimum benchmarks or basic leadership qualities Dick and Mary should possess to be a leader. To many of us as long as one is our tribesman, can crack jokes, insult the most or is “humble” or can dish out more beer and more chitenges he qualifies to be a leader.
We have allowed lumpens and noisemakers to dictate and determine the political direction of our country. It’s Ukwalola Umwela. No regard for the track record, vision and ability of the candidate to deliver. It’s Chipante-pante.
This has to end or else we are doomed to fail.

Antonio Mwanza

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