Mazabuka infections are criminal & barbaric-Doctor

Dr. Mapala

Dr. Mapara

A Zambian medical doctor based in UK says he tried to discourage African countries from participating in the ill-fated microbicide vaccine trial which left volunteers with HIV.
In Mazabuka Zambia, sources maintain that almost half of the women who took part ended up contracting the virus that causes AIDS.
But officials of the

Microbicides Development Programme (MDP) in Zambia have now issued a statement saying only 48 women were infected.

Meanwhile, Zambian health minister Kapembwa Simbao has cautiously said that ‘it is good that the issue of microbicide trials is now being questioned.’ Simbao told journalists in Lusaka that government is still waiting for a full report on the Mazabuka infections.
But Doctor Edwin Mapara says:

“The Scientific World, WHO, UNAIDS, FHI and all the others that allowed this RESEARCH to be conducted or to happen, should hold their names in shame.”

He says “It is criminal, unethical, amoral (not immoral, as they have no morals at all), barbaric for such irresponsible scientific (An insult to proper science!) research.
“These trials in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia were doomed to fail from the first day in 2005.
I said it then. I have always said it and sadly, “animal hosts (Zambia HIV Negative women have become HIV infected = HIV Positive)”.
Dr. Mapara says ‘this is simply sanctioned murder (Grevious Bodily Harm) from the west, in the name of scientific research, by the Medical Research Council and DFID at a cost of £40 million to infect ONLY one hundred and twenty-three (123) simple, cheap, black, AFRICAN women’s lives in Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa and Zambia. The lead researcher says, “IT IS DISHEARTENING!” No it is MURDER!”

Dr. Mapara diswclosed that five years ago he talked to people in Cameroon, Botswana and Malawi to make sure that they did not allow their governments to act as accomplices in these ‘planned murders.’

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