Mazabuka, Kafue road and president Lungu

Mazabuka, Kafue road and president Lungu


Your Excellence Sir
We just pass Kafue -Mazabuka road,it really need your urgent attention.While we were discussing about your style of leadership with other road users,honestly, you have garnered nothing,except I’ll will among the masses.Educated ones to be precise ,you are a tyrant,said one and another.
Your Excellence Sir,the masses should not be in the receiving end of your grieve between you and your other elites.The masses passes through several hardships just to ensure you secure the office you are occupying.They had hope you,sadly you have betrayed their hope and trust.
Please kindly have a rethink,one of the reason you were voted into office is to improve the general welfare of the masses and not to make it worse.
Sincerely Your
Chisanga Chipulu

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    Mooba 1 week ago

    The Mazabuka-Kafue road is an embarrassment to the Government of the Republic of Zambia to say the least. Politics aside. The road is an important link to Zambia’s copper belt regions, where the Government earns considerable revenue from the mining activities which are mainly in private hands. The road in question is an economic road linking Zambia to Southern countries from which the nation imports most of its industrial and mining utilities to Congo DR in the north. The Zambian government under the able leadership of his Excellency, Edgar C. Lungu, should put their acts together and find resources to work on that road with immediate urgency. One may not need to mention the number of accidents that have occurred on that road, property lost and lives that have gone (MTSRIEP) all due to the dilapidated road. The cries of the injured and dead brethren is deafening. Government of the Republic of Zambia, rise up and sour above political divide and take responsibility for the Kafue Turn Park-Mazabuka/Monze road. The Monze-Mazabuka road is equally in sorry state. We need those roads repaired like last year if not for smooth travel but for their economic value.