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Mazabuka MP joins list of useful idiots fighting fellow opposition

THE future of the former ruling party, MMD, yesterday drew unprecedented interest of Parliament with Mazabuka member of Parliament Gary Nkombo pronouncing its fate by declaring it a party of the past without a chance of coming back into power.
Mr Nkombo’s pronouncements sent other legislators in the House laughing as he predicted an end of the former ruling party while cautioning the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) not to fall in a similar hole as the MMD.
“MMD is gone and it is not coming back,” Mr Nkombo said, adding that the statement was his personal view based on the performance of the MMD while they were in office that left many questions unanswered.
Mr Nkombo’s impromptu statement comes barely 48 hours after local media reports stated that the UPND (which Mr Nkombo belongs to) may consider merging with MMD.
It also follows counter-statements from the MMD saying UPND was “too small” to swallow them and effectively ends speculation on whether the two parties would really merge.
When cautioned by the Speaker, however, Mr Nkombo said, “English is not my first language Mr Speaker…I in fact meant to say MMD may not come back.”
Mr Nkombo was contributing to the adoption of the Public Accounts Committee, which went through without amendments in the House last evening.

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