Mazabuka wife sleeps with 3 different men from same family

Mazabuka wife sleeps with 3 different men from same family

A 33 year old man of Simoonga village in Mwanachingwala Chiefdom of Mazabuka district has dragged three men of the same family to court for sleeping with his wife on different occasions.

Chibilika Himagaya (in green jacket) is demanding a total K21, 000 from 28 year old Martin Chilala, Bellon Chilokota aged 48 (in white shirt) and Malambo Chilokota (26) for committing adultery with his wife – 20 year old Vanessa Kabali.

Bellon is the father to Malambo and uncle to Martin.

The woman admitted in the Mwanachingwala Local Court that she had sex with all three men in April, but on different occasions.

Byta FM’s Evans Liyali reports from Mazabuka’s Munenga that Himagaya wants K10, 000 from Martin who allegedly took the woman to Monze for a week in April this year.

He is also demanding for K7, 000 from Bellon for allegedly sleeping with the woman in the same month this year.

Thirdly, Himagaya wants K4, 000 from Malambo who he claims slept with his wife on unknown day, but in April in Munenga.

And Senior Presiding Local Court Magistrate Maseal Sakala has adjourned all the cases to 26th August, 2020 for judgment.

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