Mazhandu, government want to frame up dead truck driver

Mazhandu, government want to frame up dead truck driver


Wreckage of the Bus and truck that were involved in the accident

img_1173Mazhandu Family Bus Services and government are in a plan to frame up the truck driver who died in a road crash which claimed nine other people’s lives and left several others seriously injured when the Mazhandu bus driver rammed into an oncoming Freightliner truck belonging to Sandhu Transport of Ndola.

Sources from the bus company confirmed the plan and said that the company is yet to submit a report stating that the bus was tested by driver Vincent Hangandu and found to be fit before starting off for the Copperbelt Province. This is against the fact that the same bus had previous day swayed off the road and went into the bush near Chindwin barracks. It was only towed back onto the road by soldiers using a military truck.

Road Transport and Safety Agency – RTSA reacted swiftly and suspended the operating license but the agency is under pressure from politicians with vested interests in the bus company. It is not the first time RTSA will have suspended the license for Mazhandu but later ordered by politicians to reinstate the operations.

Mazhandu lawyer and PF legal counsel who is also Kabwe cengtral constituency MP Tutwa Ngulube has since appealed the suspension to the minister of transport and communications Brian Mushimba.

“Hangandu had not rested because he had just returned from Livingstone the previous night and was asked to go to the Copperbelt. There is evidence that the bus went off the road in Kabwe and only got towed by military truck and now they want to frame up a dead person, it is evil, it is bad and we condemn it,” said the source.

Preliminary findings and eye witnesses say the Mazhandu bus left its lane and rammed into the oncoming truck, instantly killing the truck driver and his female passenger while eight other people died from the bus.

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