Mazhandu resumes operating under new name


Mazhandu family bus services has resumed operations a few days after their operating license was suspended for a poor road safety record under a new brand Unlimited Gift Limited-UGL.

Mazhandu bus had 10 accidents in 2016 alone and one so far in 2017.
RTSA spokesperson Fredrick Mubanga has confirmed that members of the public should note that Unlimited General Limited (UGL) is an independent company with its own operator’s license.
Mazhandu registered Unlimited Gift Limited last year when its operating license was suspended before it was revoked by Kapembwa Simbao transport minister then where few buses are registered and services Lusaka- Johannesburg route.
Mubanga has said that all buses and trailers registered under Mazhandu family bus services remain suspended.
He has said members of the public should note the suspension is still in effect and that we shall not allow Mazhandu Family Bus Services to operate directly or indirectly.
He says the agency has impounded a bus belonging to Unlimited Gift Limited (UGL) for abrogating the ban imposed on Mazhandu family bus services by pulling a trailer belonging to a suspended bus operator.
The UGL bus BAB 7084 travelling from Lusaka to Johannesburg was impounded this morning for pulling a trailer AEB 675 T which belongs to Mazhandu family bus services.
The RTSA last week suspended the Road Service License for Mazhandu following a spate of crashes resulting in deaths with the recent one killing 10 people on Great North road.
However, they are not allowed to use a motor vehicle or trailer without a Road Service License as in the case of Mazhandu Family Service bus which is currently suspended.
Therefore, the UGL has violated the terms and conditions under which their operator’s license was issued by using a trailer that is not under their Road Service License.

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