Mbala cancer patient Nankamba starts off for Lusaka

Annet Nankamba, the cancer patient based in Mbala has started off to seek treatment in Lusaka.

She has been referred to UTH by the local health facility in Mbala. She and her mother got on a Power Tool bus Thursday morning and are expected to be in Lusaka on Friday Morning.

Nankamba was diagnosed with cancer many years ago but had no money required to seek specialist treatment in Lusaka leaving the cancer to build on her face as can be seen in the photos.

A Mbala based civil servant Charles Sampa met Nankamba and made an appeal through the Watchdog for financial assistance.

Within a week, K17, 000 was raised for her. Various people donated different amounts by depositing direct into a bank account specially opened in her name for the cause. Others sent money using Western Union. Lusaka businessman Dipak Patel donated the biggest amount of K12, 400 to reach the required amount of K15, 000. But as Patel was making the donation, other people continued depositing in the account such that by Monday this week, the total amount collected amounted to K17, 000.

Nankamba and her mother wish to thank all those who contributed to her cause for their generosity.

Doctors at UTH will assess her condition and advice what more is required to treat her.Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 09.34.45

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