Mbita Chitala said to be planning to challenge RB

President Banda believes that Derrick Chitala plans to stand as MMD presidential candidate at the forthcoming party convention in Kabwe.

And Foreign Affairs minister Kabinga Pande has announced that he will contest the position of vice national secretary at the convention. Pande told journalists Sunday that he has never intended to stand for vice presidency

Sources at State House have disclosed that Chitala has indicated that he will stand as national secretary just as a decoy but that his true intention is to challenge president Banda.

Sources say Chitala has been meeting with former works and Supply minister Mike Mulongoti before he was fired to strategise.

Chitala, a key founder member of the MMD, is said to have vowed to wrestle MMD from UNIP members who now control it.

And the government has refused to grant Chitala’ an operating license for his Pan African Radio station. Chitala was given a construction license but the operating license has been blocked due to his political ambitions. The radio is still test transmitting from Chitala’s house at State Lodge.

Chitala, Akashambatwa Mbikusita-LewanikaEdith Nawakwi and Remmy Mushota held the first meeting that gave birth to the MMD at Garden House hotel in Lusaka. He and Bob Sichinga led the writing of the first MMD manifesto.

He has been in and out of government but usually fired due to his revolutionary attitude.

His last job in government was that of ambassador to Libya.

On February 1, 2008 late President Levy Mwanawasa terminated the appointment of Zambia’s ambassador to Libya Mbita Chitala

Mwanawasa accused Chitala of advocating policies contrary to those of the Zambian government. Chitala was in favour of turning the African continent into one country.

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