Mboozi betrayed the Post for K200,000

Mboozi betrayed the Post for K200,000

img-20170218-wa0066Treacherous former Post newspaper journalist Abel Mboozi has so far been paid K100,000 from the K200,000 he was promised if he cooperates in the scheme to terminate his former employer Fred M’membe and the crooks using him may soon end up dumping him at ex convict Richard Sakala’s Daily Nation newspaper for further abuse.

Mboozi, who of late has been living in fear is one of the former employees who applied for the liquidation of the newspaper even though he was only owed about K15,000 equivalent to two months unpaid salary. Crooked lawyer Lewis Mosho and President Edgar Lungu laid the bait and knowing his weak spot for money, he was further used to swear an affidavit to report that M’membe and Post newspapers lawyer Nchima Nchito have been hiding other properties.

However, it will now be up to Mboozi to stand in court and prove that indeed M’membe is hiding books and other properties failure to which he may be cited for perjury (lying under oath) and is liable to imprisonment. According to his associates, his conscious of late has not been clear but Mosho is happy that he has abused him and may not even pay him the remaining amount.

“He now has a big problem of proving his allegations and if not that may land him into prison and with that dicey situation he has entirely put in Mosho’s hands but soon he will be dumped and stand alone. Richard Sakala is the other person who is promising him a job at the Daily Nation but Sakala would also just want to further use him. He is living in fear and it looks like he didn’t understand what he was doing because it wont be easy for him to face Fred in court,” said a source who is close to both Mboozi and Mosho.

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