Mbundas deny taking part in Nkoya meeting in Kaoma, maintain that BRA1964 is valid

Mbundas deny taking part in Nkoya meeting in Kaoma, maintain that BRA1964 is valid


Following the National News reports on the Kaoma Meeting resolution on Barotseland, that Mbundas were represented. We would like to categorically refute the statement. As representative and spokes organ of the Mbunda Speaking People, our position has not changed.

We believe that the Barotseland agreement 1964 is a valid legal document, infact a Parent Legal Document to the laws of Zambia. We therefore reiterate our position that we are not for secession but for restoration of the Barotse Agreement 1964. Our situation with our Lozi brothers is unique and is different from the rest of the tribes reported in the declaration.

We attended the Barotse National Council and argued ou case. If others decided not to attend and then issue statements outside, that is their choice and should not involve the Mbundas. Mbundas are a majority in all districts of Western Province and there is no way we can advocate for a province to exclusively accommodate Mbundas and others.

We stated at the Barotse National Council that consultations should always be done with professional bodies that understand the issues better than with individuals. Our Nkoya brothers neither invited us the meeting nor consulted us. Neither a Mbunda Chief from Kaoma nor a Kaoma District Committee member of Cheke Cha Mbunda attended.

We take strong exception in the use of our picture during our submission to the Mongu Riots of 14th January 2011

Ndandula Libingi
National Chairman

If you doubt this statement phone me on 0955883108 on the Kaoma District Committee Secretary on 0979578279. Imposters must have posed to represent us and we will expose them, once we know them.

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