Me I will just start stealing now


I think ine I will just form a gang & start stealing pantu life yankosela pazed, lol. I have been to college but can’t find work, cant find capital for business & can’t aford the high cost of living pazed. As things stand I envy those who are in jail because they are able to have a meal everyday. For us who are free we are finding life pazed to expensive to aford. Kapamela is now selling k5 so where will a jobless youth like me get that money? Life nayikosa nokusangafye piece work kuleshupa.
The prices of comodities have increased by 100%.
Teacher recruitment has gone quiet.
Defence recruitment has gone quiet.
Just when i thought limbi kuti twaingilako ubu sodier they have delayed the exercise to next year because money which was budgeted for army & teacher recruitment has been used by PF during their campaigns in the previous by-elections.
The way things are going in Zambia its as if we don’t have a Government. When we complain they are telling us ati ni global yet them they are eating & getting fat. When you ask why government is not employing Kambwili aleyasuka ati even in south africa youths are jobless.
They said 500000 decent jobs would be created by the end of next year but so far not even 2000 youths have been employed.
People lets not be fooled ati masive development is taking place in the country. You & I live in Zambia & can tell that there isn’t any development taking place in the country.
If we say PF is working then we were stupid (KUTUMPA) to vote out MMD pantu life yaliko afordable muli ba MMD. When MMD was in government a bag of milie meal was selling k35, soldiers were recruited every year, teachers were recruited every year, there wasn’t wage freeze,essential comodities were subsidised,we never had unnecessary by-elections, etc.
I believe that we voted out MMD because we wanted change but is this the change we wanted bantu bandi? A government which has diverted money meant for defense & teacher recruitment to campaigns during the recent by-elections?
Lets just be real & admit that PF hasn’t delivered according to our expectations. Next year there shouldn’t be anything like voting on tribal lines. I’m half bemba & half chewa but i will vote for Edith Nawakwi or Hakainde Hichilema because they are the only ones who seem to have a vission. This idea of saying yako ni yako will not take us anywhere pa-zed. As I vote next year I will put my tribe aside & vote for a Zambian who has a vision. One Zambia one Nation.

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