Meali meal shortage continues in North Western Province

The meali meal shortage that hit North Western Province early this week has continued despite outgoing President Edgar Lungu cheating Zambians that a solar milling plant was established in the region to produce cheap meali meal.
A 25kg bag of breakfast meali meal is now selling between K120 and k130 while a 10 Kg bag is selling at K65.
Solwezi traders are now buying off the little supply on the market for re-sell on the black market.
Residents are now forced to queue up at APG milling from as early as 05 hours, an experience that was only common in the Kaunda days when people had to queue for almost all commodities.
Scores of Solwezi residents have expressed disgust at the shortage of meali meal in the region as most shops have run out of the commodity.
Meanwhile District Commissioner for Solwezi Rose Kamalonga struggled to calm the frustrated residents and claimed that there was enough meali meal for the entire province.

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