Mealie meal prices go up again

Prices of mealie-meal have gone up by K8 in most outlets on the Copperbelt with the commodity now fetching K84 from K76 on average.

Last Wednesday, President Edgar Lungu announced an increment in the maize floor price from K75 to K85 per 50 kilogramme bag.

Millers Association of Zambia chairman Andrew Chintala had warned that the government’s decision to increase the floor price would result in higher mealie-meal prices.

A check at Kitwe’s Parklands, Lubambe, Riverside and VML shopping centres found a 25kg bag of breakfast mealie-meal was selling at K84 and K88 respectively.

Only Jamos Milling outlet at Parklands was selling the commodity at K80.
At Chisokone Market, mealie-meal was selling at K88.

“Prices of mealie-meal are fluctuating. Most of the traders have increased prices because of the wholesale price that has gone up by K5. Our profit in this commodity is now very minimal,” Guadian Investment owner Joshua Chilambwe said in an interview in Kitwe yesterday.

In Ndola, a check in Pick n Pay stores found that a 25kg bag of breakfast Mpongwe and Mealile mealie-meal was selling at K83.50, from the previous K75.

“These prices are not stable and as a chain store, we sell as they come. We don’t get any profits from mealie-meal. We just have deals with the milling companies to sell their commodities in our shops,” a Pick n Pay worker said on condition of anonymity.

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