Mealie Meal Prices hiked

Millers have resolved to increase the price of Mealie Meal by 10 and 15 Kwacha on a 25 Kilogram bag effective this week.

According to the PF controlled ZNBC, Millers Association of Zambia President Allan Sakala says the increment is due to high production costs as a result of load shedding.

Sakala has also attributed the increase of the country’s staple food to the high demand of maize on the market due to exports.

Sakala has since asked government to ban the export of Maize as people are now exporting the commodity and not selling to local millers.

He has also asked government to ban individuals from exporting Maize and leave it to the Food Reserve Agency FRA.

A 25 kg bag will now cost between K75 and K80 in Lusaka.

Sakala was speaking at a media briefing Sunday morning.


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