Mealie-meal prices in Zambezi reach K85, 000 per 25kg

-Maize  and mealie meal prices in Zambezi district have extremely gone up despite government through Food Reserve Agency (FRA) off loading maize on the market.

A survey conducted by ZANIS at Zambezi New Market today revealed that a 50 kilogrammes (kg)bag of maize is being sold at K150,000 while a 10 kg tin of maize has been increased from K10,000 to K25,000.

A 25 kg bag of breakfast is now selling at K85,000 from K60,000 while a 10 kg bag is fetching K45,000 from K30,000.

A tin of cassava has gone up from K7,000 to K12,000 while 50 kg bag is now fetching K85,000 from K65,000.

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