Meallie meal in Luwingu now selling at K80 000

The retail price of mealie meal in Luwingu district in the Northern province has reached K80.00 for the breakfast and K75.00 for roller meal respectively.
When the MMD handed over power to PF, a 25 kg bag of meallie meal was costing K35, 000 unrebased.

A check at the main market and Burma market in Luwingu r…evealed that business houses have increased the commodity because of transport costs from Lusaka and the Copperbelt provinces.

And a resident Chinda Mwila who complained to Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) that the price of mealie meal has increased despite government directive to reduce the prices.

Mr Mwila said most of the retail outlets in Luwingu are selling the commodity between K80 and K85 for the breakfast meal and between K70 and K75 for roller meal respectively.

Mr Mwila wondered why in some parts of Zambia people were complaining about the mealie meal price which has been increase from K50 to K65 for breakfast while in Luwingu and some districts in the Northern province including Kasama mealie meal price has shot to over K70 per 25 kilogram bag of  breakfast.
Meanwhile fuel price at the black market has increased taking advantage of lack of a filling station in Luwingu district.
The fuel (petrol and diesel) which is openly sold like any other commodity such as rape, tomatoes and, sugar in retail shops is selling at a high price in Luwingu district

A survey by ZANIS revealed that petrol is costing K220 per 20litre container while diesel is K180 per 20litre container and government departments with a number of vehicle refuse to buy fuel product from the local alleging it is contaminated.

They are forced to buy the fuel in bulk in Kasama which is about 165km away.

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