Meallie meal prices in Kalabo increased by K10, 000

Mealie meal traders in Kalabo district of Western province have increased the price of the commodity by Ten thousand Kwacha (K10,000)

The increase in the price of mealie meal in Kalabo is with effect from this week.

A check by ZANIS in a number of shops at Yuka and Kashitu markets today found Break Fast meal being sold at K65, 000 while Roller meal was selling at K55, 000.

A 25 Kg bag of Breakfast meal that was fetching K55, 000 is now being sold at K65, 000 while a 25 Kg bag of Roller meal has been increased to K55, 000 from K45, 000.

In an interview with ZANIS at the named markets, the traders said they increased the prices of the staple food following an increase in the price of the commodity at APG Milling Company and other wholesalers where they order the commodity from.

Mr Chinjenge Musangu and his counterpart Chipango Manjolo, both traders at Yuka and Kashitu markets respectively told ZANIS that the mealie meal order prices in Mongu have been constantly increasing since last month hence their step to increase as well and that if anything they are likely to increase further.

Meanwhile, a number of Kalabo residents among them, Martin Munukayumbwa Litia and Kalaluka Mubukwanu have complained about the recent increase in the mealie meal prices.

The residents complained over the exorbitant prices of mealie meal by the dealers saying government has been making some pronouncements that there was enough maize in stock but they are wondering why there is sharp increase of the commodity.


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