Meallie meal prices: NAREP says PF doesn’t care about poor


The National Restoration Party (NAREP) on the Copperbelt is appalled by the Millers who are dragging their feet to reduce the Price of Mealie-Meal. With
this rampant unemployment, the burden is falling mostly on the unemployed, the low income earners and the poor in general. Families which are looking
after orphans, widows, the old and the young are now being pressured as they seem not to afford to sustain other mouths.

As long as the PF government were in Opposition they seemed to be a people centered Party. What is happening now is the fact that most of the
decisions being made by PF government are lacking a people centered focus and there seems to be no consultation on matters that seriously affect our
people who lined up long queues on 20 September 2011, hoping for a better government that listens to its people.

In the past twelve months, Mealie-Meal Prices have been going up by about a K1,000 per month. Before elections last year, a 25kg bag of Mpongwe Milling Mealie-Meal was at K37,000 while Antelope Milling was selling theirs at K38,000. As at now, Mpongwe Milling is selling their bags at K48,000 while other Brands have gone up to K52,000. There has been no serious conditions to warrant these increments.

If the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Chenda knew what really affected the Zambian people, he would have asked before going on National Television
bragging about a K2,000 reduction in prices of Mealie-Meal when the increment has been over K10,000. This is taking the people of Zambia who
put this government into power for granted and PF must remember that a day of reckoning is coming. You can play around with other prices but not the
STAPLE FOOD, Mealie-Meal. If the MMD government managed to reduce the Price of Mealie-Meal from K67,000 to K36,000, this government, if it really cares for the people of Zambia, must consider reducing the Mealie-Meal price to K40,000. If anything, some of these Millers are buying Maize from farmers at K45,000 and them hiking prices is unacceptable.

NAREP Copperbelt has been doing a survey on the Minimum wage, and for the over 120 domestic workers and 45 Shop Assistants interviewed, no one is
getting the new Minimum Wage government announced. Seriously, our hard working domestic Workers are getting anything from K150,000 to K350,000 while Shop Assistants go only up to K700,000 and yet the excuse for some of these increments in commodities and essentials is the so called Minimum Wage.

As NAREP Copperbelt, we want to appeal to the government of the Republic of Zambia and HE The President, Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata to declare a price
range for Mealie- Meal that is within reach for our people before they die of hunger.

We demand a reduction of Mealie-Meal Price to around K40,000 with immediate effect.

By Rev. Jevan Kamanga  – NAREP Provincial Coordinator

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