Meallie meal shortage: thousands of bags of uncollected, rotten maize burnt

The health department in Kalomo has disposed of over 99, 000 by 50kg bags of rotten maize worth billions of Kwacha which was found unfit for either human or animal consumption in 24 satellite depots belonging to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

This is despite the country in Copperbelt and Nothers provinces having no melli meal. The maize were produced under the MMD government but the PF failed to just collect it.

The rotten maize was burnt following a disposal order made by the Kalomo magistrates’ court on August 31, 2012.

The 99,113 bags of the rotten maize was burnt to ashes in the presence of court, health, FRA personnel and security officers in line with provision of Section 6 and 7 of the same Food and Drugs Act.

The stocks are reported to have been unsecured from 2009 to date until they were declared unfit for consumption by environmental health authorities in Kalomo district.

However, some buyers who were involved in the same previous maize marketing seasons who spoke on condition of anonymity attributed poor storage of the grain which resulted into the commodity going to waste costing government colossal sums of money which could have gone to other sectors for developmental projects.

The rotten bags of maize were mostly found stacked on improvised log slabs and were poorly covered with tarpaulins resulting into rain water seepages and ending up rotting in the process.

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