Meaningless amount released for Retirees

Dear Editor,
Please withhold my name. Its so disheartening to see the PF Govt release a merger Kr15m (K15billion) for 3523 voluntary separatees that have been waiting for they final payment since 1999 when they were separated.
The Zambia Daily Mail story by Jimmy Chibuye in their May 7, 2013 edition titled ‘Retirees thank Govt for pay’ is a great disgrace to the retirees, the journalists who wrote it and the general public.
 One does not need to be a mathematician to know that this amount divided by the number of retirees involved gives about Kr4290 (K4.2million). What the hell is this? Can any sane people call this a retirement package?
These people have struggled thru thin and thick to live on and some of them have even died leaving their hard earned money unpaid. They have for long dragged the Govt to court and won the case, so why pay them such an insulting amount as a final pay?
I am wrting to appeal to you Mr. Editor to investigate on behalf of these poor souls what has happened to their money that the court said they should be paid. Please avail the High and Supreme Court rulings involving this case and let the people of Zambia know what is going on and the type of Govt they have that does not mind its people but believe in swindling them instead.
Concerned Zambian.


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