‘Meanwood, CHAZ have blocked our road’

Dear Editor,
We write as residents of Waterfalls area who are seeking the governments indulgence on this urgent matter concerning the blocked access road linking Twin Palm Road and Palabana road.
This access road was blocked by Meanwood properties and Churches health Association of Zambia (CHAZ) who have built their wall fences on the road reserve hence making life very difficult for the residents of waterfalls and
other neighbouring areas who cannot access amenities like the only Clinic in the area (Waterfalls Clinic),Community School, Public transport services and Police Security services among others. The main gate of Meanwood was built
right on the middle of access road.
The background of this road states that it was gazetted in the 1950’s.It has been of great economic use for the residents of other surrounding areas such as farmers who take their farm produce to the market in areas like Chainda,
Avondale,Chelstone and Soweto.
Our School going children are forced to go through great east road checkpoint or united quarries junction to get on transport to go to nearby schools in Chainda and Chelston to attend classes.
Our area MP Hon.Sylvia Masebo, Chongwe District Council, Road Development Agency,Ministry of Lands officials and the Area Councilor are all very aware of this matter but it seems they have since decided to ignore the peoples cry
for obvious reasons.
Mr Robinson Zulu owner of Meanwood is very much aware of this issue as so many people have approached him concerning the same.
Find attached for your reference, correspondence from Chongwe District Council to Meanwood and CHAZ and other documents pertaining to this issue.

Residents of Waterfalls.

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