‘Meanwood Zulu’ not interested in Chipata seat – Fisho Mwale

Mr Robinson Kaleb Zulu the Chairman of Meanwood Corporation ltd and National Chairman of the Ncwala   National Organizing committee Is not a candidate in the forthcoming Chipata Central bye elections. Mr Zulu has not expressed any desire to partake in the bye elections to anyone including his family,friends and colleagues of this  erroneous notion gaining momentum.
Mr Zulu one of the most successful young entrepreneurs in Zambia through nothing else but education,diligence,financial ingenuity and focused growth continues to be a role model for young up and coming  business persons of Zambia. Above all one of Robinson’s virtues is to always remember his humble beginnings and share his success with the most vulnerable communities. At the recent Ncwala ceremony in February he announced the setting up of a  K500 million Education Foundation for the differently disabled in Eastern province. Mean wood Corporation has on different occasions assisted in the treatment and evacuation of cancer patients. Mean wood Corporation and Robinson continue to engage in different CSR activities but specifically aimed at the most vulnerable communities in our societies,the voiceless.
This is how it should be,those who are successful to reach down and pull those who are in need.

It is therefore saddening to note attempts to politicize a noble gesture of assisting Chipata General Hospital through a request received from the Inkosi IyamaNkosi  Ngwenyama Mpezeni  the 4th to Mr Zulu and to interpret this as an electoral bribe. This was a non partisan gesture of kindness by my young brother made from the goodness of his heart and as a proud Ngoni responding to his King’s instruction to assist Chipata General Hospital.

It is important for the young in our society to learn that good deeds and success are twins furthermore ,there is a life beyond politics. We have become consumed by the indecency of our political interactions that we are forgetting the essential “S”values of our being: success,selflessness,sharing.
We must also not be afraid to be proud of our own heroes from different walks of life and celebrate life with them.
As we say in Ngoni” pasa pasa nikulanda,mwana waufulu a pasa okha!” (” those who give with a pure heart do not expect anything in return!”

Fisho P Mwale
Ncwala Organizing Committee

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