Media organisations in Zambia abuse Swedish funds again

Media organisations in Zambia abuse Swedish funds again

TAX payers money from Sweden is being ransancked by an international media body called the BBC Media Action by sponsoring the championing of the infamous constitutional amendment bill number 10 of 2019.

Soren Johannsen who is country director refused to come out in the open for fear of being recalled by his superiors abroad and instead funded MISA Zambia using two figure heads Helen Mwale and Hyde Haguta
to go round across the country with money from the Swedish Embassy.

Right now the duo who lead MISA as chair and vice are out in villages trying to convince villagers to petition their MPs to vote for the
bill which has been rejected by most Zambians.

Our source at BBC Media Action has also made it clear that CRECO, an organisation that was formed just after the NDF is also being
supervised by the same international media body with the blessings of
the same CEO and his local chola boy Boyd Chibale. Chibale, a former DJ from radio ichengelo is the projects manager for BBC media action. Chibale, just like Haguta has an inappropriate relationship with Hellen Mwale.

BBC media action and MISA lies to the Swedish embassy that the money will be used in strengthening radio programmes in Zambia. But receipts are being doctored, but money is being used to eat and sleep at lodges and phones and laptops bought to capture data.

MISA, on taking its postion over the bill 10 never consulted its members or the National Governing council or board members which has different persons with other views,the chairperson and vice just went ahead.

While supporting PF underground and in actions using donor money, BBC media action has refused to state publicly its position on Bill 10 but claiming that ‘we are non partisan’.
Time is now for the Swedish people to demand for accountability in the way their money is being used here in Zambia.

Misa bosses have even bought themselves cars from reaping off donors when they are not even properly employed.

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