Medical stores boss fired

Medical stores boss fired

Lusaka- 3rd February 2021

Medical Stores Ltd ManagChikuta Mbewe has been fired.

Mbewe announced to his staff on Tuesday that his contract was terminated following a Board Meeting.

Director of Programmes at MSL, Chipopa Kazuma will act as Managing Director.

The Medical Stores Limited has been part of those named in the Honeybee scandal where defective medical supplies were delivered and distributed to health facilities.

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    Lwanya 1 week ago

    Fire and cage. That should process. Not fire and going quiet. Why fire in the first place

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    Citizen 1 week ago

    We need him to help us dig the truth about this big game in play.

    Too many contradictions. It seems like someone is hellbent on bringing down Honeybee.
    Revelations of the faking of lab results to demonise honeybee are also hair raising.

    When have we seen parliament act on the annual report from the Auditor Generals office within days of year end.

    During the PAC meeting the UPND member of Parliament was firering off like the pharmacist, a doctor and a procurement officer. With fresh and relevant information every few minutes conveniently fed to him as he was only attending virtually.
    Missiompharma and Bokani Soko all over.

    Former PSZ president Jerome Kanyikas story indicates that it is the previous suppliers who are orchestrating all this to eliminate competition and give them the monopoly they had till they decided to stop supplying.

    Off course some items may need to be recalled and all that but the is not unusual. It happens worldwide. Even in the USA.

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    Buck Teeth Lungu 1 week ago

    This is just a cover-up with no real consequences (like jail time) for this tribal clique and their thieving Asian partners. These PFieves have to be prosecuted. They don’t own Zambia to steal at will like this.

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    Medical Stores is just a warehouse of what government itself ordered. It was given instructions to distribute and it did. This looks like an unfair dismissal.

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      Todd 1 week ago

      Not any more as for strategic reasons, MSL must be in total control of the entire supply chain, a thing MoH officials don’t like as it takes away bribes they receive by being seen to be in control of procurement of medicines! We HV a fucked up country! Let MSL be in control men!

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    Haaimbe 1 week ago

    Mr mbewe redeem your self from the tyrany of these people. 
    Open the Pandora’s box on the honeybee saga and tell the nation the truth of the auditor generals involvement and how he manipulated the results together with the owner for pharmanova mr soko who had been directly paying the staff at zabs msl zamra and auditor  general , you will redeem your self and god shall love you for exposing the mafias 

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    Unfair dismissal…collateral damage..wish Jonathan well, when one door closes, another will open…goodluck Jonathan Chikuta Mbewe