Medical Stores distributed unsafe condoms, reveals MD

Medical Stores distributed unsafe condoms, reveals MD

Medical Stores distributed unsafe condoms and gloves, reveals MSL Managing Director

Lusaka- 6th January 2021

Medical Stores Limited has disclosed that it distributed condoms and gloves to the public that did not meet the required standards set by the Zambia Bureau of Standards in September, 2020.

Appearing before the Public Accounts Committee(PAC) this afternoon, Medical Stories Limited Managing Director Chikuta Mbewe,says the condoms and gloves which were distributed were not safe for public use.

Mr. Mbewe also disclosed that the Ministry of Health authorized the distribution of health kits despite knowing that the kits did not meet the required standards.

And ZABS revealed that it conducted tests on the condoms and gloves on 23rd September, 2020 of which it revealed that they did not meet the required standards.

But ZAMRA admitted that there has been an oversight by the institution to not recall the products from the market because the authority has been waiting for other test confirmations from Zimbabwe.

However Ministry of Health permanent secretary administratoration Kakulubelwa Mulalelo stated that she was not aware of who authoritiezed the distribution of the unsafe health Kits.

The condoms and gloves in question are still on the market for public use.

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  • comment-avatar
    Nyambe the Hero 2 weeks ago

    Corruption pandemic.

    So many scandals under the humble presido.

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    ECL's Legitimacy to rule is over let's insult tbem 2 weeks ago

    Laura is right! The very reason they fraudulently allowed Honeybee to pass the stringent transparent procurement process which created a high risk On Honeybee to supply sub_standard products. For all this to happen & the top 4 guys to keep their jobs only means ECL is at the centre of this evil deal just like the fire tender where Kampgongo was the key master & without shame he has continued to take away our precious lives & yet ECL pretends hypocritically that all is well. Can we trust ECL with our lives?, Just look at how bad our economy is today and the stealing has never stopped. We simply don’t hv a President

  • comment-avatar
    Disgusted 2 weeks ago

    The suppliers and distributors should be prosecuted for endangering public health

  • comment-avatar
    THE SAINT 2 weeks ago

    The PAC questioning nayo! You can see why we are in this mess!