Medical student fails to pay fees at Ridgeway, cries for help

I am a 3rd year student of medicine at Ridgeway Campus who has been paying for myself tuition fees of up 11.5 and13.8 million kwacha per academic year respectively. Ministry of Health and our government has told us that training in service student in medicine is not there priority.
Last year the ministry gave us loans to pay for our tuition fees but this they have told us that they will not assist we have to find sponsors ourselves and sponsors are no where to be found.

Kindly help us find who can come to our aid in the payment of fees.
This is a government that promised to improve the health of the zambian people and to day the ministry of health is not ready to help us study to become doctors for our country since they have continued importing doctors from other countries.
Right now I have paid K7.5 million and have a balance of 6 million kwacha to finish my fees for the 2012/13 academic year.

Do not show any detail about me including my email address on your web pages.

If any on is willing to help me they can be given my email by your office and not through the web pages.

Editor ‘s note: If you wish to help this future doctor graduate, email ‘[email protected]’ then we shall link you with him.

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