Mediocle levels of education at State House

Chanda Kabwe, Mufulira DC, has been telling his friends that he will replace Kaiser Zulu as PS at State House. This is a guy whom no one knows if he even finished his certificate in Book …Keeping at ZIPSP in Kitwe. He repeatedly failed the lowest and most inferior program in the field of Accounts yet he is the person today some people are proposing at PS State House.

For the first time in the history of this country we have the least educated and least experienced people at State house.  The most educated guy there is the Special Assistant for Economic Affairs who has a Degree in Economics but was merely a desk officer at Zambia Development Agency. No wonder even when the President is going for Econonic Forums he is left. George Chellah is a mere Dinploma Holder from Evelyn Hone.  The rest are grade twelve and form 3 failures.

The President needs to be surrounded by educated and intelligent people who would daily discuss with him political, economic and social issues in depth.  He has to choose a team that can deliver his vision. Cadres have to be rewarded for their efforts when PF was in the opposition but not at the expense of the country’s development and respect for institutions.

Even very educated and intelligent Presidents are surrounded by people of equally the same attributes.  This country has so much experienced and educated individuals who are willing to save the Republic with honour and integrity but only none performers and intellectually challenged are being recognised.  Does not mean that PF is against intelligentsia?

This is an information age and the current crop of officers at State House does not have what it takes to save the President. PF still has good will and the earlier they maximised on that the better.

1.Gershom Siame. Senior Private Secretary and former body guard.

2. Oregeon Gondwe. Senior private Secretary and former Driver.

3. Mugala Soko. Private Secretary and former Body quard.

4. Antony Kabaso. Private Secretary and former body quard. All these have no formal qualifications.

There is no Special Assitants for Legal Affairs as well as Projects Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation. The Press and Economic desks have no assistants. They work alone. And before there used to be a Chief of staff to collect the issues from various desks then discuss that before presenting integrated ideas to the President but now each one is his own boss and there is no proper coordination.

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