Meet Sitali, Zambian ‘tenderpreneur’ and hubby of Concourt judge

Meet Sitali, Zambian ‘tenderpreneur’ and hubby of Concourt judge

This is George Sitali a Zambian ‘tenderpreneur’ and one of the major beneficiaries of road contracts in the PF.

He is the husband of Constitutional Court judge Annie Mwewa Sitali. Judge Mwewa Sitali is hearing all the preliminary issues in the presidential petition.


He is also the president of the Engineering Institute of Zambia.

Sitali owns a company called Brian Colquhoun, Hugh O’Donnell and Partners Zambia (BCHOD). He is the chairman, main shareholder and Managing director.

During the PF regime, Sitali’s company has been given the following contracts:Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 08.38.44

Consulting Services for the Techno – Economic Study, Detailed Engineering Design and Tender worth K 7, 182,780.09.

Design Review and Supervision of the Construction/Upgrading of 158Km of the Kawambwa -Mushota -Luwingu road and the Chisembe -Chibote -Chief Chama in Luapula Province worth K258,773,699.00 contract sum for works plus K7, 302,332.30 for services.

Rehabilitation of 53 km of selected Livingstone City Roads worth K234,482,717.79 Plus K 1,903,862.15 contract sum for services.

Others are Lusaka-Chirundu – Supervision of 35km of road in the escarpment area including land reclaiming, widening of cross section, and redesign and strengthening of seven bridges (average span 24m), and emergency speed arrester beds.


Mongu of Airport Rehabilitation – Design and Supervision of rehabilitation of Apron and Runway.

In law there is something called apparent bias. Apparent bias is present where a judge or other decision-maker is not a party to a matter and does not have an interest in its outcome, but through his or her conduct, association or behaviour gives rise to a suspicion that he or she is not impartial. Such people must recuse themselves or step aside for neutral judges.

Like Lord hope said in Porter v Magill [2001] UKHL 67, the ‘question is whether the fair-minded and informed observer, having considered the facts, would conclude that there was a real possibility that the tribunal [court] was biased.’

How can you not be biased when your husband is inking multi billion contracts with the person appearing before you? You need to be superhuman.

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