Meet the man behind Woodlands Mall disaster

Meet the man behind Woodlands Mall disaster

His name is Diego Casilli. He is the owner of the Shopping Mall that collapsed at Woodland Stadium yesterday resulting in fatalities.

That mall is very new and the owner has been granted several properties around Lusaka for him to lease. But how did the government allow such a careless person to build useless, cheap mall in Woodlands? Did the City Council, ZEMA and other government agencies inspect and approve that shoddy building? Did they give him certificate of fitness/occupancy?


And this is the chap tasked to construct properties at UNZA?

As far as we remember, this chap was boasting how he has put structures with international standards at Woodlands including the stadium itself.

Under his ‘Bologna Properties Ltd’ he has managed to acquire prime locations in Lusaka including Acacia Park where banks are located.

See below what he said about the structured at Woodland Stadium just last year:

CITY of Lusaka Football Club 2000 Plc majority shareholder Diego Casilli has withdrawn financial support from the Chilenje-based side following a heated confrontation with some members of the community on Friday evening.

Casilli said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that he will no longer support City of Lusaka football team because the community does not appreciate his contribution.

“Just look at the way Woodlands Stadium is looking now. I have put up nice structures with nice seats, nice toilets because I want City supporters to be comfortable when they come to watch matches but they can’t appreciate,” he said.

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