Meet the PF ‘MP’ controlling ZESCO

Meet the PF ‘MP’ controlling ZESCO


He is the board chairman for ZESCO.

He is also the president of the Zambia institute of purchasing and Supply.

But then, he is the losing PF candidate for Mambilima constituency in the just ended general elections.

Now how can this senior PF official be the chairperson of ZESCO? Is that position not supposed to be occupied by a non partisan professional?

Since Mwelwa believes in PF, and PF is an opposition party, and ZESCO is a government company, how is Mr Mwelwa going to manage these two conflicting roles? Can one serve two masters at the same time? Is it not true that Mwelwa would push the PF agenda at ZESCO? Is this not why ZESCO is currently and secretly recruiting PF cadres? Was this bother not supposed to resign as ZESCO chairperson and president of Purchasing and Supply the moment he went into active politics? Is that not what educated professionals who observe professional ethics do?

Is Mwelwa an ethical person for him to cling on to ZESCO when he is an active politician? What if he had won as MP for Mambilima, was he going to continue being Zssco board Chairperson?

During ZESCO board meetings, doesn’t he talk about politics? Doesn’t he first check who else is a PF supporter like he? What does he think of the current government policy on ZESCO? Does he support that policy fully? Is the current minister of energy who ever he is aware that ZESCO is controlled by a PF aspiring MP? Has Mwelwa a abandoned his dream to be MP for Mambilima of he will run next time there is an election there?
The constant power blackouts we have been experiencing the past two weeks, are they genuine or they are caused by PF officials at ZESCO?

Yes we do have a lot of questions for Mwelwa and this slow tortoise government.

To our brother Mwelwa, we challenge you to resign and concentrate on building your political career.

Because right now, we are reviewing your files at ZESCO.

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