Meet Ziale’s best graduating student

Meet Ziale’s best graduating student

This is 24 year old Chama Kaisala.

Chama, an undergraduate of the University of Lusaka (UNILUS), came out the best among four who were part of 384 learners who sat for the most recent ZIALE intake examinations.

She feels passing examinations at ZIALE is easy; all it takes is a determination and a positive attitude.

Chama says most students fail to make it at ZIALE because they enrol at the training institution with a defeated mentality based on the perceived bias of lecturers.
“Honestly for me, and it is not because I was best student, but I really do not think there is such a thing as bias at ZIALE.I do not think lawyers who are prestigious and have law firms, will sit down and say, we are going to fail this one and this one. Honestly, even from the mock examinations, which I passed, the marks that I thought I would score are the ones that I got.

“What I think is the most challenging thing about ZIALE is the mentality. Most students fail examinations because they embrace a defeated mentality,” Chama says.
Chama narrates how after graduating from UNILUS with a bachelor of law degree was not so keen at enrolling at ZIALE for fear of failing.
It took her father Charles Kaisala, fiancé Stephen Mwale and best friend Mutinta Nchito to persuade her to give it a try.

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