Alliance Francaise forced to cancel MISA meeting on Sata’s health

Alliance Francaise forced to cancel MISA meeting on Sata’s health

Alliance Francaise de Lusaka has cancelled a MISA organised debate on the health of president Michael Sata.

The debate was supposed to take place this evening but Alliance Francaise de Lusaka decided at the last minute to cancel the programme when scores of citizens had already arrived.

Pascal Tomasini, the Director of Alliance Française de Lusaka, emailed the Watchdog a few minutes before the debate was due to start and said

Dear Zambian Watchdog

Please be informed that the Alliance francaise of Lusaka wishes to announce the cancellation of the MISA public meeting, scheduled to take place tonight at 18h30.

It had only come to our attention within the last few hours what topic to be discussed was, and unfortunately this does not comply with the values that Alliance francaise upholds, as a non-political, non-secular organisation.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused to the public. Thank you for your comprehension and assistance in spreading the word.

Yours sincerely,

Alliance francaise de Lusaka

Pascal Tomasini, Director of Alliance Française de Lusaka.

When asked by the Watchdog if this is the first time his institution has held a political debate, Tomasini said maybe in the past before he became director there were such debates.

Asked further if the debate was not by MISA and not Alliance Française, which just provided the room for the debate, Tomasini said he does not wish to discuss that.

The Watchdog is reliably informed that Zambia secret service police visited Alliance Française earlier and ordered the centre to cancel the meeting.



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