Member of Parliament without constituency mocked

Member of Parliament without constituency mocked


*”Whose aspirations does he represent on bill 10 because he doesn’t have a constituency to speak for “*

Choma central member of Parliament Cornelius Mweetwa has challenged nominated member of Parliament Rafael Nakachinda to tell the nation whose aspirations does he represent as he chairs the select committee of the constitution amendment bill number 10 of 2019 in Parliament.

Addressing the media in Choma yesterday, Choma lawmaker said that a constitution is a sacred document that require seriousness with the calibre of people in the select committee.

Mweetwa said the UPND MPs are not doing things for their own benefit but for the citizens who sent them to Parliament.

Mweetwa applauded the UPND MPs for not accepting six million kwacha bribes by some named ministers who wanted them to support and vote for the Bill.

He stressed that his party has always demanded for a national consensus to constitution amendment which their colleagues in PF have rejected several times.

Mweetwa charged that most PF founding members are disturbed with the noise coming from MMD nominated member of Parliament Rafael Nakachinda on bill 10 who doesn’t have a constituency or electorates to represent.

He said people should not even pay attention to Nakachinda because his presence in Parliament is not through a vote but appointment hence he has nothing to lose.

He has urged Mr.Nakacinda to continue eating with PF while waiting for their exist in 2021.

The Choma lawmaker has urged ministers who are aggrieved with his revelation of them plotting to bribe opposition and independent MPs so that they vote for bill 10 to take him to court for defamation.

Mweetwa said he knows that what he did amounts to defamation and any minister who is not happy about that can take him to court.

He further castigated the Anti Corruption Commission as the washing ground for corrupt government officers.

Mweetwa said he could not take the matter to any government aligned investigative wing because they have proved to be a cleansing platform for corrupt ministers.

The Choma lawmaker charged that he is ready to expose the ministers in court.

Cornelius Mweetwa recently revealed that government ministers were moving with cash promising brand new Toyota VX while persuading UPND and independent MPs to vote for bill 10 in Parliament.

He alleged that the MPs are in custody of text messages as evidence to be presented in court.

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