Mental illness: Sata says Zambians just yapping on constitution, asks Masumba to dance

When we tell you that President Michael Sata is sick in the head and body, you argue.

Just yesterday he said Zambians who are advocating for the new constitution are just making noise and can yap as much as they want.  He doesn’t care.

He was re-swearing in Jean Kapata as useless minister of Tourism and also some other character called Seleman Banda as PF regime representative to Nigeria.

And just like you would expect from a mad man, Sata asked Steven Masumba why he was not dancing. This was at State House not in some nightclub.

Pointing at some women who were at state House, he asked, ‘“If there was no constitution, how can those girls be dressed the way they are?”

He continued:

“When you were all taking oath, you were all saying that you are protecting the constitution. There is so much noise about the constitution. If there was no constitution, what would we be doing here [at State House],” he said.

He advised Kapata and Banda to ignore people advocating for the constitution saying,
“So when you go, mind your business. Let them yap about the constitution because in Zambia, we always want anything new. But at the moment, we have a functional constitution and that is what we are here for,” he said.

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