Mental: Lungu thanks state house gate crashers

Ailing Edgar Lungu has once more displayed his failing mental faculties in public when he imagined that some people broke into state house to observe African Freedom day.

A few weeks ago, Lungu displayed to the public the first symptoms of his failing mental capacity when he said Zambia is divided and the ‘one Zambia one nation’ motto is dead. This was during the burial of the wife of Mwansa Kapwepwe.

Today, during the African Freedom day he shocked foreign dignitaries when he dedicated most of his speech to thanking imaginary gate crashers.

“I never forget to thank those who managed to break the gates and managed to enter without invitation cards. I keep saying so because I know its very difficult to keep them away,’ Lungu said. Guests thought he was joking but he went on to say: ‘On a serious note, I wish to say you are all welcome regardless of how you entered these premises’.

A quick check at State House shows that no gate has been broken. Actually, if there are PF cadres who were jostling to enter state house, they were scrambling for food not the love of Lungu. There is acute poverty in Zambia nowadays.

Lungu then adopted his mentor Robert Mugabe’s language:

“Dr Kaunda sir, I wish to tell you that we know that there is a scheme where some former colonial masters want to regroup and takeover some leadership in some countries, we will not allow that,” he said.

Edgar Lungu

The Head of PF also said whoever did not attend the Africa Freedom Day Celebrations is not a Zambia.

However, being Zambian is not based on attending African Freedom day. One is either Zambian by birth, descent or registration and certainly by not being present during African Freedom Day ‘celebrations’.

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