Sata doesn’t remember HH being elected UPND leader

Sata doesn’t remember HH being elected UPND leader

President Sata and Hichilema greeting at Nakitindi Wina funeral

President Sata and Hichilema greeting at Nakitindi Wina funeral

For whatever reason, president Michael Sata  does not remember that Hakainde Hichilema was elected president of the United Party for National Development (UPND) in 2006.

And in another breadth that could indicate memory  problems, instead of talking about the illegality of his Niece Lombe Chibesakunda being chief Justice as raised by the opposition leader, Sata talks about different issues, in a typical Chainama case.

Hichilema wrote to Sata a few weeks ago urging him to select another person for ratification as Chief Justice since Chibesakunda is too old and has been roundly rejected like the ‘disaster stadium.’

But Sata, in in a letter dated July 12, 2013  waffled that:

“I will only respond to your letter when you tell me who elected you as President of the UPND, because as far as we know, you have never been elected to the section, branch, ward, constituency, district, province and let alone to the Presidency of your party,” the letter read.

Speaking about the position of Acting Chief Justice, Hichilema had written to Sata coherently that:

“It is a temporary administrative measure. What is obtaining now in the judiciary is tantamount to making a permanent decision in temporary circumstances. This is a breach of the Constitution and is unacceptable. We demand that you live up to the oath you swore to uphold by correcting the constitutional and statutory violation, through the appointment of a substantive Chief Justice,” he said.

But Sata who has not been seen in public for many weeks now responded  that Hichilema has never been elected president of UPND.

Why couldn’t Sata get a copy of the news reports of the day Hichilema was elected president since his memory is not well? His choir at Bwinjinfumu reported that matter as seen here



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