Merge, UPND/PACT advised

The Citizens Forum has advised the UPND/PF pact partners to merge into one political party if they are to pose a serious challenge to the ruling MMD in the 2011 tripartite elections.

Citizens Forum executive secretary, Simon Kabanda says the UPND/PF pact is faced with challenges which if not addressed will cause serious damage.

Mr. Kabanda says issues such as the pact’s presidential candidate and the sharing of parliamentary seats to contest have the potential to bring the pact crumbling.

He warns that the pact will be history if the two parties the UPND and the PF do not heed to calls for the presidential candidate to be named.

Mr. Kabanda says the only best possible option for the two parties is to fully merge into a single party.

He adds that as long as the two political parties remain as individual entities united through UPND/PF pact, there will be continued friction in the pact.

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