Mfuwe airport in water crisis, Typhoid likely to break out

Mfuwe airport in water crisis, Typhoid likely to break out

"Mfuwe AIrport"There is a looming breakout of typhoid disease at Mfuwe International Airport because of lack of water as the PF is bankrupt to provide money to the airport for renovation of the water system.

Highly placed sources from National Airports Corporation, Mfuwe Airport officials and passangers have all revealed that there has been a serious water crisis at Mfuwe International Airport for more than a month now. 

“This is the same Airport President Edgar Lungu used last Friday on his way to Mpika to open the Michael Chilufya Sata Hospital. The Airport is not fit to be operational because even the fire hydrants that would be used in case of an emergency are completely dry. Not a single toilet is currently working except in emergency cases when passengers are asked to use buckets to draw water for use in the toilet,” sources have revealed.

Sources have revealed that even the Airport Manager Malama Chalwe has also stopped paying attention and any concern to the problem now and typhoid is likely to break in the airport compound.

The corrupt PF government has run bankrupt and most of the critical services such as hospitals, schools, and universities in the country are slowly being crippled.

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